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Cheryl Desvernine, LPC, BCN

Cheryl Desvernine, LPC, BCN

Licensed Professional Counselor
Board Certified in Neurofeedback
Henrico Office

Cheryl's approach to counseling is holistic; addressing the mind and body interconnectedness as well as the interpersonal relationships and spiritual features with the people she works with. She incorporates evidence based traditional and alternative therapies including cognitive behavioral and dialectical behavior therapy approaches, chi kung, tapping and behavioral exercises that help to manage anxiety. Meditative and mindfulness practices are incorporated into her sessions. She is certified in and has practiced Auricular Acupuncture for over twelve years. Auricular acupuncture has been shown effective for pain (acute and chronic), anxiety related disorders and substance abuse withdrawal. She has a passion for cultivating new knowledge and practices. Most recently, she acquired her Board Certification in Neurofeedback from the International Society for Neurofeedback and Research. She has completed trauma training under Sebern Fisher and Bessel Van der Kolk. Her specialties include working with children and adults who struggle with ADHD/ADD, Depression, Anxiety, Addiction and Trauma related struggles. She enjoys keeping active and fit through camping, walking, biking and swimming during the year. She enjoys the challenge of raising two children and is supported by her husband.

As a neurofeedback practitioner Cheryl enjoys coaching clients in learning to attend to and regulate their brain wave activity and cortical blood flow. Neurofeedback, which was first used with humans in 1971 and increasingly has been researched and practiced more extensively is a form of biofeedback for the brain. The term neuroplasticity by definition is the ability of the brain to form and reorganize synaptic connections especially in response to learning or experience. Individuals often reduce or eliminate the need for medication. Neurofeedback training typically results in longer lasting changes by allowing individuals to pay attention longer, avoid being as impulsive, improves processing, increases behavioral activation, reduces ruminations, fears and anxiety as well as promoting relaxation and reducing nightmares much more.

Cheryl completed a Bachelors in Psychology at the University of Connecticut and earned a Masters in Counseling from Georgia State University in Atlanta, Georgia.

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