Taken from anonymous surveys provided to clients.

"I've tried other therapists before Family Guidance Centers. There is no comparison. They are great, knowledgeable, and have good insight to address issues in a useful and practical manner."

"My therapy experience has been wonderful, helpful and enlightening. My counselor has provided clarity. I have experienced no problems with Family Guidance Centers. I am very pleased."

"My counselor has made a huge difference in my life and my family's life. I am very grateful for his help and guidance over the years."

"I have the best therapist ever. I would not change a thing. I can't begin to speak about how highly patient my counselor has been for me."

"My therapist has really helped me a lot and I felt very comfortable. He has has been invaluable and is the best therapist I have ever had."

"I have benefited greatly from my therapy. I refer Family Guidance Centers to others because I have resolved many of my issues."

"The therapy I received here has changed my life. I would not be the well-adjusted human being I am now without my experiences at Family Guidance Centers."